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Xplore Yum Balam

Xplore Yum Balam

Don't miss one of the best experiences in Holbox and take this boat tour, ideal for the whole family.


Swim in the Yalahau freshwater spring, nestled in the mangroves and enjoy the hammocks and its observation tower; watch the birds from the Bird Island footbridge; walk on the magnificent sandbank of the Passion Island and climb its tower for a panoramic view and enjoy the scenic beauty of Punta Mosquito and Punta Coco.


You'll see many birds and maybe iguanas, crocodiles, dolphins and flamingos in summer.


    The meeting point is fixed but the departure and arrival points may vary according to weather conditions without prior notice; sometimes the tour starts or ends on the ferry side.

    A delay of 10 minutes on the scheduled departure time will be tolerated; beyond that, the activity will be considered lost and there will be no possible refund.

    A downpour at the start of the tour does not constitute a reason for cancellation or refund.

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