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Private photo shooting

Private photo shooting

For a marriage proposal or to immortalize your holidays with family or friends in Holbox, trust our photographer who will make you feel confortable and take wonderful shots of you and your loved ones.

We also offer you a night session with bioluminescence or photos of your birthday or event on the island.



    Time: to define
    Meeting place: to be defined
    Duration: 1 hour
    Included: 1 hour session, 150 edited photos, in high resolution
    Does not include: taxi, tip
    What to bring: brightly colored clothes, mosquito repellent

    Our professional photographer speaks English and Spanish.


    For the marriage proposal :

    Ask when you're ready, within the first 10 minutes of the session.


    Tell your significant other that we are going to take some photos of him (her) alone; meanwhile, get out of the frame, hide a little, get the ring ready and coordinate with the photographer.

    Walk close to the water and make sure you are both parallel to the water and there is no one behind you in the background. Make sure his or her back is not facing the camera so we can see the expression.

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