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Yacht Deluxe (private)

Yacht Deluxe (private)

Take advantage of this luxurious yacht to discover Passion Island and Playa Mosquito or go to the magnificent beach of Cabo Catoche.

* Passion Island Tours + Playa Mosquito *

2 options:

* Duration *: 4 hours (departure between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.) or 6 hours (departure between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.)

Walk on the sandbar of Passion Island and enjoy its shallow waters and watchtower; perhaps you will see iguanas walking around and pink flamingos among the many birds; then sail along the coast of Holbox and Punta Coco and go swimming near Playa Mosquito while enjoying the comfort of this yacht.

* Cabo Catoche Tour *

* Duration *: 5/6 hours

* Departure *: 9:00

Take a pleasant drive along the coast, passing Punta Mosquito to Cabo Catoche, where Golf meets the Caribbean. Enjoy a swim or sunbathe, go snorkeling (if possible), and enjoy the time on the yacht before exploring Cabo Catoche beach and its rustic camp.

This Cabo Catoche tour does not include fishing: you can eat at Gaby's small rustic restaurant on the beach at Cabo Catoche (random menu).

This is *NOT a snorkeling tour*; this is only possible if the water is transparent and visibility is good, which is very uncertain (impossible from September to February/March in particular).

* For all rounds *:

* Departure *: meet at the ferries

* Included *: 12 sodas, 24 beers, 12 waters, ice cubes

* Does not include *: pick-up/drop off, guide, extra drinks, meals, tip (suggested 10%)

*Guide*: the tours are NOT guided. Our local captains speak Spanish.

- You can bring your own drinks and food at no extra charge

- Possibility of guide/accompaniment in French (extra, depending on availability)
- Reservation *48 hours in advance*
- 15 people max. - Quote on request

Price indicated for the 4 hour tour for 10 people

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