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Bioluminescence at Punta Coco

Bioluminescence at Punta Coco

The nights in Holbox are very special: the sea lights up as much as the sky! We offer you a transport service to Punta Coco, so you can have a beautiful luminous experience and see the bioluminescence under a starry sky that will enchant you. You can stay on the beach or step into the shallow waters of the lagoon to make them sparkle. 


    Price in pesos per person - 450 pesos per person after 11pm

    Appointment:  in the street, in front of your hotel reception. Taxi may delay if other passengers are not punctual, don't worry.
    Departure: between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m., depending on the moon and the season
    : 1 hour door to door
    Included: return taxi
    Not included: guide, tip
    Predictable:wear your swimsuit under your clothes, towel, mosquito repellent
    Taxi: capacity of 4 or 5 people; you may be separated during the trip
    Guide: the driver speaks Spanish and sometimes a little English.


    Like all natural phenomena, bioluminescence is unpredictable and  also varies according to the climate, the wind, the currents, if it has rained  etc... There are nights when we see little or even none at all. 

    It is visible all year round (except on full moon nights) but the intensity increases  with  water temperature; the best season is from april to october, when the water is warmer.

    Tour departure time  depends on the cycle of the moon; we calculate the time of departure according to its up or down so that its light does not bother us.

    It is very difficult to take pictures of bioluminescence without professional equipment.

    Don't take anything of value  because it happens (very rarely) that pickpockets operate on the beach, despite our vigilance.

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