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In search of the whale shark - from May 15th to September 17th

In search of the whale shark - from May 15th to September 17th

The excursion is an incredible adventure, in the heart of the ocean. You will go in search of this giant along the virgin coast of Holbox before arriving on the high seas.


If you find it, you will have the chance to perform 2 snorkeling immersions alongside it; on the way back, a stop at Cabo Catoche for snorkeling is planned, as well as the tasting of a delicious ceviche or guacamole. You will discover the beautiful landscapes of Cabo Catoche before returning to Holbox, passing Punta Mosquito.




    Meeting point: ay 6:45, place to be set the day before

    Departure: 7am
    Bring/wear: swimsuit, towel, hat, anti-UV lycra (to avoid sunscreen)
    Boats: from 8 to 10 people. Pets are prohibited and the life jacket is mandatory on the boat and to swim with the whale shark
    Guide: this tour is NOT guided. Our local captains and tour leader speak Spanish or some English and will take good care of you.


    GoPro rental available


    Reservations and availability

    The search for the whale shark is a very popular activity; it is not uncommon for us to have no more places on the boats from the end of the morning for the next day. If you wish to participate, book as soon as possible.

    There is no tour on the 30th of each month.


    Meeting and departure


    • The meeting is set on the beach, at the pier, by the colorfull letters.


    • A 10 minute delay will be tolerated, after which the boat will depart and there will be no refund.


    • Fruits are provided, but we advise you to ask for a "lunch box" at your hotel or to have breakfast beforehand.


    • There are no accessible toilets near the starting point (the closest are on the corner of the main square, behind the town hall).


    • A downpour upon departure does not constitute a reason for reimbursement.


    Course of the activity, weather conditions and restrictions


    • Under ideal conditions, the activity includes two dives with the whale shark, with mask / snorkel / life jacket.




    - in bad weather or strong swells, you may only be able to do one immersion;


    - if there are few whale sharks too many boats, the national park rangers may prohibit snorkeling for the welfare of the animals, which can therefore only be observed from the boat;


    - it is rare, but it does happen, that we do not find a whale shark despite our best efforts;  the animal moves fairly slowly from day to day, but sometimes disappears from the surface for a few days.  Just because the whale sharks were seen yesterday it doesn’t mean that they will be seen again today, and vice versa.


    Note that the amount of time you spend in the water alongside the whale shark depends on many factors and can be relatively short.


    • The activity takes place on the high seas, far from the coast, and it takes around 2 hours (sometimes 3 or even more, especially at the start of the season) by boat to find the animals you are looking for;  consequently :


    - be prepared for a physically demanding journey (risk of downpours, sustained wind, waves) and to be wet by spray and shaken on the boat (especially on the way out, which is done against the current);


    - people prone to seasickness are urged to take precautions (it is not uncommon for people to vomit);


    - the tour is strongly advised against for pregnant women;


    - the tour is strongly advised against for people with back problems and children under 8 years old, as well as for the elderly or those with back pain or hypertension.


    - a light ceviche (fish or shrimp, depending on the availibility) will be served. You can change it for guacamole.


    Rules to be observed during immersion


    - wearing a life jacket is compulsory

    - the immersion is done 2 by 2, always in the company of the guide

    - it is forbidden to try to touch the animal


    What to bring


    - swimsuit and towel

    - waterproof bag for your belongings

    - hat or cap

    - UV-resistant, long-sleeved garment and biodegradable sunscreen for the benefit of the ecosystem at the site

    - a little money for an extra drink at Cabo Catoche and tip

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